Divide FAQ’s

Where to go?

The start/finish is at the downtown pavilion in Railroad Park in Manton, MI. Manton is comfortable enough that it can’t be missed. But to give directions: Go to Manton and look West one short block … the start finish is on the corner of Rose and State St. and registration will be in the Pavilion.

Parking! There is unlimited parking available at the high school in Manton. It is located on Old 131 or S. Michigan Ave. Overflow parking is available at the athletic complex of Manton High School. You will have room for your truck, car and equipment/bike trailers.

Who are these idiots?
Really, idiots? Just kidding, we like to have fun and have a sense of humor, even about ourselves. There are two of us.

Jeff Harding (as in HARDracING.COM) as a member of McClain Racing Team is now years into the competitive biking world, and he has been riding for a number of years (sometimes with Don behind him). He has been putting on races and designing course for nearly two decades. He is the Manton High School cross country and track coach for many years.

Partnering in this venture is Don Passenger. Don has timed just about everything that moves, including the Kisscross events down in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo/Holland area and he has assisted on national timing teams including at El Tour de Tuscon. He and the company he works for, MichianaTiming.com, are well most well known in the biking, running and triathlon spheres. MichianaTiming times the MHSAA State Championships and numerous Track & Field meets as well as the State Games of Michigan where he is an event co-director.

I get lost a lot …
Well this time you won’t! We will have a lead vehicle to get the riders on course.

Strava links are on the main page of the event.

Plus, we know how endurance athlete’s brains work. Sometimes they shut down with fatigue after a bit on a hard ride, so we have hundreds of directional arrows, lines, and instructions on course. All corners will have multiple directional arrows before and then “confidence” arrows after. If you really get lost, and I don’t think you will, give us a call and we’ll come find you!

Isn’t there a sharp turn near the finish? Yep, should make for some good finishes. Plan ahead!

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    1. No, we don’t do prize money, we decided it was better to have reasonable fees and let all riders share in the fun.

    1. Just let us know and we can switch you to the other event. We do number each event differently, so we would like to know in advance.

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