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Welcome! Hard Racing Events is dedicated to holding unique events that will test your endurance as well as your heart.

Train HARD Race HARD

Lake Cadillac Team Marathon+  This 4 person relay consists of a 5.5, 6.9, 6.9, and 6.9 mile legs around the flat Lake Cadillac.  This race event also includes individual races of 26.2, 13.1, and 5k.  This family friendly event will always be held on the last Saturday of June.  Next year’s the date is June 24th 2017.

UPDATES FOR LCTM+ 2017:  All races except the 5k will begin at 6:30 am.  NEW LOWER PRICES FOR THE TEAM RELAY, $20 per person until Jan. 8th 2017.

Manton Truck Show 5k  is a race held in conjunction with the Manton Truck Show.  This course is flat and fast.  2.5 miles on pavement and a 1/2 mile on trails with a bridge crossing at the historic Old Mill dam location.  Come out for the race and stay to check out the big trucks.   This kid friendly event even allows kids to climb into several of the trucks and trailers.  This year’s race is Saturday July 16th 2016.  Start time is 8:30 am.  At $15 per adult and $10 for runners 18 & under, it doesn’t get any cheaper than this race!

The Divide will be a great bike race starting and finishing in downtown Manton, Michigan. It will be a race primarily on dirt roads. The primary length will be about 19 miles with a good selection of long winding hills and some great views. We will also offer The Divide+ at 39 miles and The Divide Pro-Elite at 51 miles. We will also offer a micro for the kids. All three offer some great elevation challenges  It will be on Sunday, July, 24, 2016.

The Divide LB will be a longboard (LB) event! The event is on Sunday July 24, 2016. There will be a downhill, a 5K, a 10K and a micro for the kids.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Pro-Elite Gets Rougher

Pro-Elite Gets Rougher


The Rough Neck during The Divide Mt. bike race.

Roots and Dirt Roads

The Divide

Pro-Elite Scenery

Pro-Elite Scenery

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