The Divide

The Divide is a gravel road bike race held each year in Manton MI on the last Sunday of July.  The Divide is a part of the Michigan Gravel Race Series.   and there are three distances to choose from; 19, 34, & 50 miles.   All three routes are very hilly and include a mixture of gravel, seasonal, and forest roads some of which have some sandy spots.  The largest hills are out on the Outer Loop which are a part of the 34 and 50 mile routes.  The 19 is characterized by short punchy climbs and fast downhills.    Although roads in Northern Michigan have a sand base our entire course can be ridden at high speed with some skill and high volume and fast rolling tires.  Riders have suggested tires from the mid 32-38 cc and up.



Results for pasts years (and this year shortly after the event can be found here): The Divide Bike Race Results – Manton, MI

During the event, live results can be found at:


If you need to change something or want to add a team designation, please use our form: Form to Change Stuff

There is an FAQ here:
Event FAQ

Packet pickup will be at the Pavilion in Railroad Park – Downtown Manton one block east of old 131 – will start at 8:45 a.m. Bike racing will begin at noon en masse. course-strava

All four bike races will be on Sunday, July 26, 2020, in Manton, MI.

Bike Registration – Open Now!


For those wanting a smaller start, we are starting four people every two minutes from 9:00 am until 11:30 am. We will have a common start at 12:00 (50 mile start), 12:05 (34 Mile Start) and 12:10 (19 Mile Start). You can join a couple of regular ride pals and do a time trial start at one of the start times. If you group is slightly bigger, just let us know.
So, please fill out this form and tell us if you will do the common start, or want an individual start time.

We have discounts for the several groups or persons. Bringing a team? We will create a code for you. Simply contact us for the discount code valid on registrations through July 20th for these groups:

  1. Any Race in the Michigan Gravel Series!
  2. Ice Man Cometh Participant
  3. Barry Roubaix Registrant
  4. HellKat Registrant
  5. Hagerty Cycling
  6. HellKaat Hundie
  7. McClain Cycle Racing Team

Bike Races:
The Divide will be manageable by bike riders of any and every skill level. The Divide is 19 miles (elevation change of 1330′), The Divide+ at 34 miles (elevation change of 1987′) and The Divide Pro-Elite version at 50 miles (elevation change of 2292′ plus). All three races will offer the option of Bike, Fat Bike and, Single Speed/Fixed Gear. Age divisions will be five year increments for each race and division.

The Divide will start in downtown Manton and head south and west towards the dirt roads that skirt the Manistee National Forest. The Divide standard event most roads are solid gravel roads with only a little sand and one slightly rougher downhill section dubbed the redneck roughneck. This ride is doable by any rider.

Those ramping up to The Divide+ and for our Pro-Elite race, will enjoy just a little two track in addition to the solid gravel roads.

The Divide Pro-Elite will do a double loop of the most challenging part of the course to add a bit more elevation and to challenge the stronger racers out there. We race opposite directions on the loops each year to vary the terrain profile and to mix it up.


19 MILE COURSE: Odd & Even Years 
34 MILE COURSEOdd Years:   
34 MILE COURSEEven Years Route: 
50 MILE COURSE:  Odd Years Route: 
50 MILE COURSE:  Even Years Route:: 
100 MILE COURSE:  Even Years Route::

The Divide – Bike Race Pricing Options

All bikers/boarders pay a base fee which is:
Phase One before 7/1 $5.00
Phase Two before 7/20 $10.00
Phase Three 7/21 through Day of $15.00

Bikers then pay the following based on the race in which they plan to compete:
The Divide – Bike – 19 Miles $15.00
The Divide – Fat Bike – 19 Mile $15.00
The Divide – Single Speed/Fixed – 19 Mile $15.00
The Divide – Tandem Rider One – 19 Mile $15.00
The Divide – Tandem Rider Two – 19 Mile $5.00

The Divide+ Bike – 34 Miles $20.00
The Divide+ Fat Bike – 34 Miles $20.00
The Divide+ Single Speed/Fixed – 34 Miles $20.00
The Divide+ Tandem Rider One – 34 Miles $20.00
The Divide+ Tandem Rider Two – 34 Miles $5.00

The Divide Pro-Elite Bike – 50 Miles $25.00
The Divide Pro-Elite Fat Bike – 50 Miles $25.00
The Divide Pro-Elite Single Speed/Fixed – 50 Miles $25.00
The Divide Pro-Elite Tandem Rider One – 50 Miles $25.00
The Divide Pro-Elite Tandem Rider Two – 50 Miles $5.00

We are actively seeking sponsors and other groups willing to help with the event. We offer discounted pricing to participants of the Michigan Gravel Race Series, Barry Roubaix, Hellkat Hundie, Lumberjack and The Iceman Cometh. As this event will divide the racing year between those the Barry and Iceman races, it will give you an opportunity to test your mid-season fitness. In addition teams/groups bring four or more riders will also receive a slight discount on each riders’ entry fee.

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  1. Is there video footage of the course for the downhill longboard race? I would like to see what my son and I are getting ourselves into. Also, is this a double elimination event?

    1. Bike race at noon.
      Downhill elimination longboard at 12:20 pm
      5K and 10K Push at 4:00 pm

    1. Yes and then they will take different paths once out on the course. The only exception will be the micro kids race which we will likely do at a different time depending on numbers.

  2. Is it possible to get a map of the longboard 10k route? I am probably going to be in Michigan and able to race, I would like to see the route beforehand if possible. Thanks!

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