MASK USE & OTHER IMPORTANT COVID RELATED ISSUES: Mask use can be an emotional and touchy issue for many people during this time. In order to hold our race we are going above and beyond what the State requirements to make this a safe and fun event for all those involved.

1. PLEASE BRING & WEAR YOUR MASK when you check in and pick up your timing plate / number that will be attached to the front of your bike.

2. Please BRING & WEAR YOUR MASK to the starting line for all race distances.The first mile of the race is uphill, and with a common start there will be jockeying for position. As you crest the first hill at the cemetery, you may remove your mask. After that point it will be easier for riders to distance themselves from others. Riders will have a good downhill and another mile of asphalt before you hit gravel.

3. PLEASE BRING & USE a mask when you finish your ride and interact with our workers. We’ll have a table set up by the large music pavilion for you to turn on your number plate. We’ll also have the awards / medals out on this table. When you turn in your plate you will be able to pick up your medal.

4. AWARDS PODIUM: This was one of our more difficult decisions and requires some explanation.We are cancelling our awards podium. Sort of. Calling people up to a podium would defeat our goal of social distancing. However, the awards podium is also a part of what makes race day fun. With individuals starting early there could be someone placing that finishes their race BEFORE the common start riders even begin. Asking those riders to then hang around until everyone else is done defeats social distancing goals. So we’re going to attempt a hybrid version.

4a. Everyone will be earning a finishers medal. When you turn in your timing / number plate you will pick up your award.

4b. Everyone will be asked to step up on the podium and get their picture taken.

4c. We’ll then post the pictures on our Facebook page on Monday.

4d. As riders from the wave begin to finish we’ll make official announcements of the overall and age group results. If you’re around when we read the results and your name is read, please raise your arms and dance around a bit to help us locate you for your round of applause.

5. RESULTS:Results will not be posted on the pavilion wall as in prior years because they will cause a congestion point. Instead we’ll have live results posted and instantly updating at: michianatiming.com/live/divide during the day (not final until the course is clear). We’ll also have official results posted at michiana timing.com after the conclusion of the race.

6. AID STATIONS & COURSE WORKERS Aid Stations will be staffed by our Manton Cross Country families but it will be “self service.” Meaning, they’ll have some cups of water & Gatorade available for riders but they will not be handing them up to riders. Riders will have to stop and pick up their cups of water. Each aid station will also have a pitcher of cold water that riders can use to quickly fill their hydration packs. Our workers will then sanitize the pitcher after each rider is finished. Ice pops will also be pre-cut and standing in a glass jar for riders to grab and go.*IMPORTANT NOTE:19 Mile riders only have one aid station at the 1/2 way point. 34 Mile riders will have two aid stations and the 50 Milers will have three. *We will only have ONE aid station out in the morning before the noon start. It will be at the start/finish of the Outer Loop so 50 mile riders will pass it twice. With the cooler temps we feel this is more than adequate.

7. PARKING: To help spread everyone out, we’re asking that as many people as possible park in the Manton School parking lot. This lot is one block SE of the starting area. It’s a small town, you can’t miss it.

8. NO DAY OF RACE REGISTRATION. Although we usually have 1/2 of our riders signup the day of the race we feel it’s necessary to close registration at noon the day before the race. This will allow us to set up and plan for what we do have and also help reduce lines and congestion as riders are checking in.

train HARD race HARD